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Dogs find squirrels sexy.  It’s just a fact! We challenge you to become…


…Sexier than a squirrel!


Now with a bonus 5 extra days!!


Over 30 days we play a new game each day designed to train your dog to pick you over any distraction!

Dedicated Sexier Than A Squirrel Facebook Group where you can ask us questions every day and watch our lives, as we work through the daily games with our own dogs, along side you. 


Since this challenge started, 1000s of dog owners from all over the world have joined the online training and are seeing real life results!


Can you be sexier than a squirrel in just 30 days?

Right now there’s a 70%+ discount! So for less than £1 a day....Come and join us!

Payment secures your booking. Course info will be emailed to you along with a link to our dedicated facebook group.


1st August