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Online Video Call (Facetime, Whats App, Skype) training sessions are ideal for new puppy or dog owners or for owners who are experiencing specific training problems like; issues with recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up at people.

For nervous, less confident puppies and dogs, group training isn’t always effective, these sessions tend to be a better option, getting better results. These sessions aim to eliminate additional stresses and distractions that having a new dog or puppy already brings.

All these sessions are tailored to your training requirements, whether they are for puppies, adolescent or older dogs. Email and video support is continued after each session so you don't have to panic about taking notes! 

These sessions are super interactive, we have our demo dogs on hand to show you exercises and can watch you while you practice, giving you instant feedback. 

This a great way to get assistance for training struggles. If you don't live nearby by but still want to train with us, if you find it difficult to fit around usual training times or feel more comfortable training in your own home. Get your first session booked today!! 


We currently have morning, afternoon and evening session available throughout the week. 

30 min - £20

60 min - £35

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