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Dog walking Laurencekirk

Dog Walking Business of the Year
(Scotland) 2022 

Walking adventures are beneficial to dogs as it allows them to release both physical and mental energy, along with being a great way to keep them fit.

If your dog is left for long periods by themselves they may become bored, this can sometimes lead to destructive behaviour.

As with people, exercise is a great way to help keep dogs healthy. Walking your dog regularly helps keep their heart, lungs and muscles in good working order.


We can all have busy lives, we all need some me does your dog!

Your dog will enjoy a happy, fun filled, social walks with dogs of similar capabilities. Mentally stimulating, socially rewarding, your dog will simply love adventures with Active Paws. 

What our Group Dog Adventures involves....

  • We offer a daily walking service.  We collect your dog from your home and walk them in one of the many different environments we have available to us. 

  • All our vehicles are fitted with cages to ensure safety and comfort while transporting dogs. 

  • Dogs go for adventures in groups, allowing them to socialise with other dogs. We choose our groups carefully, ensuring the dogs are well matched to adventure together. Their safety and enjoyment are our top priorities!

  • Where we have written consent, dogs will be exercised off lead but only if we are 100% happy with their recall and in an area safe to do so. If preferred, dogs can be walked on lead.Dogs are not allowed off lead around livestock and will always be placed on lead around unknown dogs / people. 


We are very lucky that we can allow the dogs to enjoy an array of environments, open fields, woodland areas and riverside walks. 


If you are interested in our dog adventure service, please get in touch! 

Dog adventures start from £12, drop us a message for your personalised quote

Check out our great reviews and lovely photos on our facebook page

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