Good Dog Level One

Easy to follow self paced course that can be completed in just 6 weeks



Dogs don’t come knowing the key skills needed to be a Good Boy or Girl and just like young children, they need teachers to show them the way.

  • Sitting, staying, settling and chilling when asked. 

  • Coming back even when there are squirrels.

  • Walking with the person on the end of the lead and not pulling them like the huskies they saw on the Christmas advert on the Telly.

  • Being the best and fastest dog at fetch in the dog park.

  • Leaving stuff when their person says, even when its the tastiest snack in the hands of a human puppy...

  • Listening to your every word!

Of course, this will require a little effort from you too. Like any parent, showing your puppy or dog what’s right and wrong is the key to your dog graduating from the Good Dog class.

In this class we have squished lessons into short 5-minute daily sessions Monday – Friday. Commit to just 5 minutes a day and be amazed at the results.

dog running with toy
Puppy on the Beach