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Training Support Club

Our Training Support Club gives you remote 1-2-1 access to our Expert Dog Coaches. 

Training your dog isn't always easy. Sometimes you need some extra help. Are you struggling to find affordable dog training? Can’t commit to a regular class time?

Does your dog pull on the lead? Do they have a habit of jumping up at people? Do they struggle to listen when out and about?

These are just a few examples that you as a dog owner may struggle with whilst your dog is learning.

We know that a lot of people turn to social media for help, but with so many different answers usually being given, it can make the situation even more confusing! 

Have a dog trainer in your pocket – With our Training Support Club, you can have direct access via WhatsApp to a qualified dog trainer 6 days a week. 

Unlike other training courses available, ours is fully personalised to what you and your dog actually want to work on.

Its super simple, sign up and start asking your questions. 



Basic -            £10 / month

                         £100 / year       

Enhanced -   £30 / month

                         £300 / year


Whats included?


Direct messaging with your dog training coach, 6 days a week between 9am and 7pm. 


As above inc. access to training support videos and nutrition support. 

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