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We are often very busy with dogs and training sessions. Please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We do our best to be available to our clients as much as possible but we are very busy walking and training.

We aim to return all emails within 72 hrs but due to the volume we receive sometimes it may take a little longer.

We don’t generally return emails after 5pm or on Sat or Sun (unless it's an emergency) because that’s our training and family time and they will get grumpy if we are on our phone too much...understandably!

We all need some down time too and burning the candle at both ends leads to burn out, which is no good for us and no good for you.

But, we promise, we will get back to you.

We do suffer with dodgy internet/signal so if it’s been several days, feel free to resend your message, this will let us know you’ve not received our reply. If you’re waiting for an email, please check your junk mail, it’s sad but we sometimes end up in there.

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