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1:1 Behaviour Consults

Behaviour consultations involve assessment of more complex behavioural problems including:

  • Dog to Dog aggression,

  • Separation-related problems

  • Fears or phobias

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Vocalisations, Destruction and chewing

  • Attention seeking

  • Inappropriate Chasing / Predatory problems

  • House-Soiling

Please note: As behaviour problems are normally well-practiced, treatment is not a 'quick fix'. Behaviour modification can take time and requires consistency.

Assessment £90

This package may be useful experienced pet owners, who are experiencing mild behavioural struggles, who do not want ongoing practical assistance, but would like some guidance. It includes limited ongoing support (1 month).

Package includes:

  • Preparation based on Pre-Consultation Questionnaire and medical history from vet if required.

  • Remote history taking (30min)

  • Assessment of behaviour problem

  • Written report including a risk assessment (if applicable)

  • Behaviour modification plan (if applicable)

  • 60 Minute face to face follow up

  • Weekly progress phone calls for 1 month (15 minutes each).

Assessment & Follow Up (2 months) £180

This package includes short-term support sufficient to gauge progress and offer suggestions for ongoing behaviour modification.

Package includes everything in the "Assessment Only" Package, PLUS an additional month of follow up including:

  • ​60 minute follow-up session with guidance notes

  • Additional month of weekly remote support (review of diary logs, telephone and email support)

Assessment & Follow Up (3 months) £270

This package includes longer-term support sufficient to gauge progress and ongoing practical support of training plan.

Package includes everything in the "Assessment Only" Package, PLUS:

  • Two 60 minute follow-up sessions with guidance notes

  • Goal-setting and progress reviews

  • Additional 2 months of weekly remote support (review of diary logs, telephone and email support)


Due to Covid, all our one to one's are held at our training paddock near Fettercairn. Under usual circumstances they can also be held at your home and out in the 'real' world. Fuel charges will be applicable when booked away from our paddock. 

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