We offer a range of services designed to help you and your dog live happily together. We understand that both people and their dogs all have different needs, and may learn in different ways.

We are committed to providing modern, effective, convenient solutions to your dog training needs that are backed up by research and evidence. We work closely with our clients throughout their training journey. Each of our trainers have a slightly different style but none of us consider using pain or fear to train a pet dog, we believe in this ethical choice.

Happy Dog

1:1 Training

1:1 training sessions are ideal for new  dog owners or for owners who are experiencing specific training problems like; issues with recall, pulling on the lead, jumping up at people.

For nervous, less confident puppies and dogs, group training isn’t always effective, 1:1's tend to be a better option, getting better results. These sessions eliminate additional stresses and distraction. 

Dog Friends

Group classes are ideal for dog and human friendly dogs. They cover a pre set curriculum, therefore cover a wide range of behaviours. Ideal for teaching pups & dogs to work with you when around other dogs and people. 

Classes are available for puppies, older dogs, fun sports classes & Scentwork

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