Online training is ideal for anyone who can't easily access traditional face to face training. You may want to train with us but don't live nearby, you may have a lot of other commitments during the week so training at home or while out walking your dog could be far more practical. 

We have worked very hard with a team of trainers to bring you a great selection of online courses. These are ideal for brushing up on basic skills, teach a new puppy essential life skills or having a bit of fun with your dog. 

We are also offer online training consults. These can be to help teach new behaviours or to problems solve a training struggle you might be having. Done via Facetime, Whats App or Skype, we can work with you on effective training solutions. 

Check out our online courses here

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We are often very busy with dogs and training sessions. If you can't get us on the phone, please drop us a text or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.