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We offer award winning puppy training designed to help you and your pup live happily together. We understand that both people and their puppies all have different needs, and may learn in different ways.

We are committed to providing modern, effective solutions to your puppy training needs, that are backed up by research and evidence. We work closely with our clients throughout their training journey. Each of our trainers are reinforcement based trainers, provide fun training sessions for you and your puppy. 

1:1 training sessions are ideal for new puppy owners.


The sessions cover all the essential puppy skills, along with problem solving any naughty behaviours that might pop up! 


We have our team of dogs on hand to help young pups with their socialisation and interaction skills. 

The calm environment is perfect for both puppy and owners learning.

For nervous, less confident puppies or very over excitable pups, group training isn’t always effective, 1:1's tend to be a better option, getting better results. These sessions eliminate additional stresses and distraction. 

As a puppy, Winston was constantly movin

Single Session - £50

60 mins session tailored to your puppy.



Silver Puppy - £70

90 minute session 

Ideal as for a refresher on puppy training.

Maybe it's been a few years since you last had a puppy and you'd like to check you're doing things the best way for your pup.


Gold Puppy - £105

3 x 60 minute sessions tailored to you and your puppy.

Sessions are usually 2 weeks apart.

Perfect starter course for beginning your training for essential behaviours like recall and loose lead walking. 



Platinum Puppy  - £175

5  x 60 minute sessions. The ideal start to life with your new puppy. 

Fantastic for new owners. Lots of time to ask questions about your puppy, their routine, diet, socialisation and training. 

Sessions are usually 2 weeks apart. 

Please read our training terms and conditions. Payment for training confirms your agreement to these. 

1:1 session packages are valid for 6 months from first session. 

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