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Fun Gundog Class

Wednesday Evenings

Ideal for gundog breeds or gundog breed crosses. 
Our Gundog Training Classes are perfect for training a high level of obedience, focus and control  through fun, gundog style, reward based training.
Give your gundog a brilliant mental work out, tuning into their natural abilities. Exercises you can practice at home and on walks. 

Suitable for all ages. 

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Flyball for beginners

Wednesday Evenings

The super fast relay game of retrieve! A great activity for dogs who love to retrieve a ball. 


Due to the activity involved in this sport, this class is not suitable for puppies or dogs under 9 months of age (12 months for larger breeds) 

Dogs must have a reasonable recall and enjoy playing fetch. 
This class not suitable for dogs who find other dogs too exciting. 

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Please read our terms and conditions for training classes.

By paying for training, you are agreeing to these. 

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