We provide a professional and friendly service run by our highly knowledgeable team. 

  • Fully insured, First Aid Trained  and Police Checked

  • We have been walking dogs in the local area for over 11 years! 

  • Private Training Field for safe training environment

  • 20 years experience in Dog, Cat & Horse Care, Veterinary Nursing and Dog Training.

        Training & Qualifications - Veterinary Nursing NVQ Level 2 & 3. Diploma in Dog Training 

        (Distinction), Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, working toward Kennel Club Accreditation for

         Training and Behaviour, Pro Trainer Certified, Dorwest Herb Trained (Distinction)

  • Safe & secure transportation 

  • Online booking available

  • Easy payment system

  • Regular photo updates

Exercise and Training are beneficial to dogs as it allows them to release both physical and mental energy along with being a great way to keep them fit. If a dog is left for long periods by themselves they may become bored, this can sometimes lead to destructive behaviour. As with people, exercise is a great way to help keep dogs healthy. Walking your dog regularly helps keep their heart, lungs and muscles in good working order. Regular training sessions are mentally stimulating for your dog and allow you to learn new skills along the way. 

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We are often very busy with dogs and training sessions. If you can't get us on the phone, please drop us a text or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.